Welcome to the SMART SourceSM Solar PV Program

The SMART Source Solar PV Program is designed to help customers of AEP Texas meet a portion of their energy needs with solar electric systems. The Program offers financial incentives that help offset the initial cost of installing a solar energy system. By installing solar on your home or business, you can generate a portion of your own electricity and help the environment.

NOTICE: Only solar installation companies that are enrolled with the program can apply for and receive incentives, and all commercial installation work must begin after an incentive commitment has been made. Unenrolled installers, or installers who claim that you will be able to apply for an incentive after the installation is complete, may be engaging in fraud, and you will not be able to receive an incentive if you work with them. Please see our list of enrolled installers here.

Program Year 2024 Incentives 

The total amount of incentive funding and its initial allocation to customer classes is shown below:
AEP Texas - Central AEP Texas - North
$381,195 residential
$172,425 non-residential
$185,898 residential
$70,366 non-residential

Incentive levels are as follows (all are in $/watt dc-stc):

Residential Commercial
Fixed incentives:
0.001-2.999 kWdc: $0.50/Wdc
3-4.999 kWdc: $1,500
5-7.499 kWdc: $2,250
7.5-30 kWdc: $3,000
Tiered, capacity-based incentives:
$0.50/watt for first 0-25 kWdc
$0.25/watt for add'l up to 200 kWdc

Other limits apply; see the Program Guidebook for additional details.